Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today, I R Been Mostly . . .

. . . Wondering what to do for my EMP at college.  I'll need to make a separate blog to act as the learning log for it, but I've really got to think what I want to actually do for my final project at university.  The last one I did (Lyne's Journey) was interesting, sure, but it was really hard to make a decent story for it, as well as think about a child audience, and it started to get a bit chore-like.

Me thinks I need to forget about the child audience, I don't think I want to anchor myself to that just now.  I enjoyed the playfulness of the images I produced, but just because they're fun and make you feel good doesn't mean I absolutely need to make them for kids.  I need to concentrate on what I want to make, and what about, first.

I had an assessment for my last project yesterday, and they reckon I could find an alternative scientific-type theory to base my next project on.  Perhaps, but if I do that I'll most likely take it in an entirely different direction.  They also suggested that my last project would have worked well as an animation, and I'll keep in mind the posibility for including animation in my EMP, since I enjoy making them even if I haven't had that much experience at it yet.

But, what to do . . .

Oh, by the way - here's a snowman blob I made when it was snowing loads over the Exmas holidays:

It was going to be a snow man, then a snow penis, but it began to get really cold out so I just put an evil face on it.

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