Saturday, July 10, 2010

Smelly Fruit Balls

Hmm, I could really go for some of those!

Nutty Nom Nom

Oh dear.

Giant Bouncy Octopirate

It's like it's trying really hard to be fun and exciting, but just can't quite manage it.

Is That You, Elvis?

Looks like a dead body, has a Canadian flag attatched to him, there are ice cream sundaes and middle aged men in the background ...  nope, nothing strange here.

Highlight of the Winton Carnival

And yes, Darth Vader was being pursued by a police car xD

Such Helpful Signs They Have in the New Forest

Wow, I'm amazed people ever manage to get lost with signs as helpful as these!

I Heart Hunting Accidents

Whoever wrote this is a genius.  I should probably explain:

We visited the Rufus Stone in New Forest, where King "Rufus" William II was shot and killed *accidentally* by an arrow while hunting in 1100CE.

No Help For You.

All of the Samaritans' phone boxes at the highest peak of this bridge were out of order. Overuse?

My Sister's Wall

Best halls decor I ever did see.

Monorail Has a Face

Waiting for the DLR at Custom House, I couldn't help feeling I was being stared at ...

My Cat

The Black & White Monster in person! Aaaahh!!


I've been a bit busy as of late (and too lazy to upload pictures to TE at the end of the day), but I'm going to stop geing a lazy bugger now!  Also, my camera broke, but it's all better now :-)

When I was riding the coach back from a weekend in London, I saw this sign scrawled on the front.  The photo's blurry due to coach turbulence but it says "Smile CCTV ^ :)"