Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I think it's the weather.  It's always the weather.  Anyway, I have been busy making my website!  It's not live yet, I need to sort out the webspace for it, but it's practically ready to go.  I'll not post a picture of it just yet, I need to remember how to post pictures on Blogspot before I do that . . .

There we go!  There it is!  I did it all more or less yesterday, but based on previous experiments I did before Exmas so I didn't have to spend as long figuring out how to make things work (seeing as I'm not a web designer).  It still took me a while to get the preview images to show the big picture on the right when you click on them, though.  But that's what Google is for.  I didn't use any templates or anyfink, it's all entirely my own.

Hopefully I'll get the thing going live soon.

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