Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome back!

Yes, after a hiatus of . . . nearly 5 years . . . I decided to create a blog for meself and me work, only to discover I already had not just one, but two blogs I completely forgot about. That doesn't say much about me, now, does it?

To be fair, I did create this one when I was in school, and what with all the whatnot I've been doing since then it's not surprising I forgot about its existence. And the other one . . . is a complete mystery! I don't even remember making it.

ANYWAY, let's pretend like I just made this blog just now, and start afresh.

How do you do? :-) My name is Andria, but I've been nicknamed several things over the years, including 'ndria, Angia, Ang, Annoree, Andweena and even André for some reason.

I hope not to abandon this time :P

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